The Journal of Aging and Innovation (JAI), is an open access magazine, with the objective to publish Aging and the aging process related themes, as to better disclosure the knowledge about this matter.
The wide electronic diffusion granted by the Editorial Board of JAI, guarantees an national and international disclosure, with the increased impact and visibility of the published papers, the elevated investment in the computer base programs connected to the Portal where the magazine is found, allow a wide and immediate diffusion of the scientific materials in several formats.

According to the studies of diffusion we observe the views of the magazine on over 30 countries worldwide, with over 400 views in daily pages, have indexing at the Nacional Library, LATINDEX, WebQualis (Capes), Google Academic and recently in DOAJ.
Due to the big financing form the JAI’s Editorial Board, soon we shall have more indexing and, in the future, an impact factor measure internationally. Our goal is the development of the best scientific knowledge and its translation in the practical care, to the people in any cycle of life.