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Volume 8, Edition 1 – April 2019


  • Respiratory Rehabilitation Gains in Persons with Respiratory Insufficiency Submitted to Noninvasive Ventilation: Systematic Review of Literature
  • Structured proposal for the intervention of rehabilitation nursing care, for elderly people with self-care deficit and motor disorders
    • Anabela Martins Batista, Elsa Maria Candeias Garção Pires
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  • Quality Management in Nursing

    • Armando David Sousa, Claudina Martins, Dina Duarte Pinto, Fernanda Silva, Liliana Ferreira
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  • Quality Indicators for home care that contribute to the functional capacity of elderly
    • Gui Gonçalves, Liliana Gomes, Raquel Costa, Rebeca Caldeira4, Sónia Claro, Tânia Coelho, Tânia Vieira, Vânia Jesus
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  • Importance of social network for the successful aging and health of the elderly
    • Maria Helena Pimentel, Hélder Jaime Fernandes, Carlos Miguel Figueiredo Afonso, Alice Bastos
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  • Rehabilitation Nursing in the empowerment of the person for self-care transfer
    • Luísa Miguel Guerreiro, Manuel Agostinho Matos Fernandes
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  • Quality of Life in Dementia: an exploratory study about the perception of elderly and their caregivers
    • Peres, Bruno ; Alvim, Inês; Ferreira, Inês; Sena, João; Antunes, Ana; Santos, Sofia
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  • Food consumption and hepatic changes in aging
    • Lídia Maria de Sousa França, Jorge Luís Pereira Cavalcante
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  • The importance of teaching and training activities in nursing care to patients undergoing hip arthroplasty

  • Comparison on muscle strength, aerobic capacity and respiratory function in women with fibromyalgia
    • Biehl-Printes Clarissa, Tomas-Carus Pablo, Pessoa Fernando, Branco Jaime C., Parraca José A., Lancho Carolina, Poblador María S., Lancho José L.
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