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Volume 9, Edition 3 – December 2020


  • Worker health: The Health team and occupational risks in the practice of home visit
    • Camila Kuhn Vieira, Carine Nascimento da Silva, Fábio Hüther, Maicon Alves da Rosa4, Luana Possamai Menezes
    • Online File PDF
  • Guidelines for elderly home outdoors projects: SAMS Study Case
  • Quality of life of the elderly who work

    • Felipe Queiroz Dias Rocha, Marcelo Arruda Piccione, Marcelo de Almeida Buriti
    • Online File PDF
  • Inclusive fashion for people with malignant cutaneous tumor wounds
  • Palliative care approach in chronic kidney patients
  • Effect of Fall on Medical Costs among Elderly Inpatients. A Case-Study in Iran
  • Demographic dividend and economic growth in West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU)
  • Child sexual abuse in Angola: culture and punishment
  • Empowerment of the person with dependence for self-care: Case Study
    • Inês Sofia Serrote Trindade, Samuel José Marques Marranita, Luís Manuel Mota de Sousa
    • Online File PDF
  • Psychomotor intervention in various areas of daily life of the elderly
    • Ana Dias, Andreia Abalroado, Inês Oliveira, Madalena Grilo, Isabel Nunes, Vítor Santos
    • Online File PDF
  • Capacitation of the person undergoing total hip arthroplasty: a case study
    • Susana Isabel Oliveira Fernandes, Carla Diamantina Brito Rodrigues Vigia, Luís Manuel Mota de Sousa
    • Online File PDF
  • Psychomotricity and indicators of violence in the elderly
    • Emília Borrega, Marlene Latas, Nicole Macedo, Isabel Nunes, Vítor Santos
    • Online File PDF
  • Risk of infection in people undergoing hemodialysis: case study
    • Daniel Butnaru, Luís Manuel Mota Sousa, Isabel Bico, Maria dos Anjos Frade, Maria do Céu Pinto Marques
    • Online File PDF
  • Improvements in Psychomotor Intervention in Elderly People with Hearing Difficulties
    • Filipa Grilo, Mariana Franco, Mariana Salgado, Tatiana Vieira, Isabel Nunes, Vítor Santos
    • Online File PDF
  • Presenteeism by Work-related Musculoskeletal Injuries (LMRT) in health professionals
    • Célia Joaquim, Fábio Marques, Isabel Matos, Olga Valentim, Luís Manuel Mota de Sousa
    • Online File PDF
  • Importance of movement for elderly people in a psychomotor reality
    • Ana Marques, Carolina Sousa, Catarina Mendes, Joana Cavaco, João Semedo, Maria Raquel Ferreira, Marina Andrade, Isabel Nunes, Vítor Santos
    • Online File PDF

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